Thursday, June 06, 2013

My first Plein Air Festival...

The View From Victoria Park     11" x 14"    Oil / panel

This past week end, from Friday, May 31, to Sunday, June 2, the Belleville Downtown Improvement Area, the Quinte Arts Council and the Ontario Plein Air Society held the first Belleville Plein Air Festival. Organizers suggest that this will become an Annual Event !
This Plein Air event was open to all artists working in two dimensional media. It was a judged and juried Exhibition .
At last count, fifty-five Plein Air artists took part painting in various sections of the city,  the Moira River, the central section of the city, the old east hill and the Belleville shoreline on the Bay of Quinte. were the areas to be painted in
A meet and greet with live entertainment was held on Friday evening . A great opportunity to meet the other artists.

Belleville was the town of my birth but I have not lived there for more years than I care to remember.. It was interesting to return and note the growth and changes. The motto back in the day was, 'The Friendly City' and I can vouch that it still is..

It was three days of  plein air painting.  It was also a great opportunity to meet with interested locals who passed by and visited , asking questions and passing pleasantries while we painted.

The second day started off as a rainy day but soon cleared to a full sunny day and it was painting as usual. I managed to produce three paintings during two and a half days before  a selection of two paintings were submitted for the show on the last day.

All the paintings were mounted and then judged by five judges, first, second and third as well as Artists' choice.
When the winners were announced, I was surprised to hear my name as the winner of the first position !
It was a  strong competition with many fine pieces of excellent work..

The exhibition continues until the end of June, 2013

The Belleville Plein Air Festival was a beautiful experience and I look forward to next year.


Meredith Adler said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved award. First show, first place! The painting is full of life, easy to see why you won. Be well...

Frank A. said...

Meredith Adler

Meredith.. Thank you for your congratulations to me on my Plein Air award. You are very kind.

..hope that you have a great summer of painting.


Deb Marett said...

Congrats!! Awesome piece!!

Frank A. said...

Deb Marett..

Deb.. Thank you very much for taking the time to congratulate me and comment on the piece. All is appreciated.

Happy Painting !

David King said...
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David King said...

Congrats Frank, wonderful painting.

TJ said...

Congratulations on your award, Frank. I love this painting. So many facets to explore. Well-done.


Frank A. said...

David King..

David, Thank you very much. Nice to hear from you.


Frank A. said...


Terry.. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your positive remarks. ... "Nourishment" to soldier on ! ;)

Have a great summer.

Mary Nagel Klein said...

Congratulations - well deserved!

Frank A. said...

Mary Nagel Klein


"Congratulations - well deserved!"

Thank you Mary, how kind of you !


Jesus Estevez said...

Congratulation Frank, the place that saw you Beijing born has recognize your talent and dedication,your painting was beautiful and no one more like you deserve that first price. Thanks for participating and we hope to see you next year.

Papierflieger said...

Congratulation Frank,for the
great and well deserved achievement. It seems you are having a busy summer this year. :)
Cheers Martin