Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Little Falls

Little Falls    11' X 14"    o/p
Another "rainy day painting" from sketches and photo reference.  This particular painting was executed on a gessoed Masonite panel that had a coat of grey acrylic paint applied to the surface previous to being painted on.
My palette for this painting was the same palette as the previous painting. As a matter of fact, many of the colours were the left over paint from the last painting, (Red Canoe).
I used the odourless mineral spirits for this painting. I find that this is a good option when painting indoors. (I would still have some sort of ventilation though. )
A round brush was used thorough out the painting except for the finishing touches. For this ,I use a "rigger".
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J & B said...

that captures beautiful scene!
Interesting you use a round brush, I shall have to try that I use flats all the time, but your "rounds" show of everything in this scene very well.
I like it

Frank A. said...

J & B

John.. Thank you for your comment and compliment.
..Because my flats usually ended up being 'pointed' after much use ( I tend to paint on the side of the brush)I decided to switch to 'rounds'. I find them (in different sizes) quite versatile.

Have a great summer,