Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Paris, France

On The  River Seine     11" x 14"    O/P
This painting was from a photo reference that I shot last year while visiting my grandaughter in Paris.  It has been in the back of my mind to someday paint it. Today was that day !
The painting was painted on a pre gessoed panel that had a coat of red acrylic paint applied to its' surface.
The palette used was, ultramarine blue, Prussian blue, cobalt blue,  cad red light, alizarin, cad yellow med. yellow ochre, yellow - green, grey and titanium white.
The medium was odourless mineral spirits and the -brushes brush was a "round"  brush.
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aurora cabeza said...

preciosa armonía tonal

Frank A. said...

aurora cabeza

Aurora.. Thank you for your comment on my most recent painting. Your comment is important and appreciated .

Keep well.

Papierflieger said...

Hi Frank,

wow you really got that Fauvism style on your Paris trip :).

Frank A. said...


Martin.. Thank you for staying in touch and for your comment. :)

It is nice to hear from you again. I hope all is well with you and your "work". Have a great summer of sketching and print making.

Stay well !

Papierflieger said...

Hi again,
everything is fine here Frank. But the summer oh dear, we had 5°Celsius on Friday here at the end of May and baskets of rain.
I really like the triangular composition and unusual perspective on the Paris piece and the color harmony.

Frank A. said...


Martin.. Sorry to read of your bad weather. I sounds similar to the weather we are experiencing now as well.
Thanks for your comments and sharp observations.
I am toying with the idea of doing some glazing in some areas of the painting. (Maybe !) :) ... Hope it works out !

Again, stay well.