Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A One Room School..

P.S.#1, Closed  Forever   10" x 12"     O/P

Many one room schools have closed over time. About the only thing in most cases that remains is the many memories. Having attended a one room school as a child, there were many hidden memories awakened of that experience while painting this piece.

This painting was painted on a pre stained (orange red) gessoed panel, using my latest limited palette.

...A fun subject to paint !

'til next



Sue Marrazzo said...

'LOVE the sky...The colors are awesome!!!!

Frank A. said...

Sue Marrazzo.

Sue, my apologizes for getting back to you at this late date.
I think that your comment about the sky colours made me reassess the painting as a whole.
As a result, I reworked a portion of it. I think it is an improvement !
Thank you for your comment. :)

Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday Mate!... With this delicately painted sketch you have successfully captured that wistful mood and memories ... from a time and special place bsack in the day where "community" was more than just a word!

Made me think of Codrington PS... bet it did you while you were painting it too!

Happy Trails!

Frank A. said...

Bruce Sherman

Howdy Bruce ! Thank you for your insightful comment.
The one room school in this painting is the closed school in the village of Colebrook.
Yes, I did think of the Codrington S.S. painting (that sits in my studio) but most of all, the little one room school that I attended and the memories of it.