Tuesday, March 19, 2013

After the "Dream Break"..

Maple Sugar Time    11" x 14"    o/p

So,  it is back to reality after my dream spring break. And the reality at this time of the year in my neck of the woods is that the maple sap is running and it is time for the making of Maple Syrup and Sugar.
This particular piece was painted from a sketch that I had prepared the night before. I thought that it would be interesting to work from a black and white sketch with no colour reference .
It was interesting to make up the colours and to see how each influenced the following colours, or how I had to modify them.
It was a rather exciting way to develop the painting because as a plein air painter there is the live scene and colours before you.
For me it was also interesting that although I used my latest limited palette, I do not believe that my final colours were completely influenced by previous colour mixtures and paintings.
I was free to experiment and discover new mixes of colours and to apply them as I pleased.
A kind of 'breaking out' if you will !

'til next..


Craig Granger said...

Well, Frank that's nice break out. Well done!

Frank A. said...

Craig Granger..

Craig, Thanks for your comment and compliment.I appreciate your opinion.I did a little rework on the piece after living with it for a day...I hope it is a stronger piece.

I had another chance to review your blog. I really enjoyed the finished painting with the limited palette. The three 'process' photos were a bonus. Thanks !

take care..

Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday! Mate!.. The "rework"... really works! Now "under full steam"... the painting is alive and the colour warmer! Sugarin' off time!

I can even smell the sap a-boilin' Frank!

A gem of a painting "fired" by those complementary colours doin' their magic! Love it Pardner!

Good Painting and Happy Spring!
Tonto (Bruce)

Frank A. said...

Bruce Sherman..

Yeo,Tonto..! Yup, I think it was a big improvement to remove that large "blue tarp" that I had as a shadow. :-) The other 'fixers' and additions help to make the painting more convincing and more 'readable'.
Thanks for your opinion, Bruce. It is reassuring !