Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter Fun...

Skating On The Pond     10" x 12"     O/P

I was determined to try something different today. I cannot remember the last time that I did a figure painting, if ever there was a time.
For the most part, I roughed in the figures quite gesturally and then proceeded to 'carve' the figures out using the background colour. The background trees and such were rather scumbled in with a drybrush technique. Except for the final details, the sky was layed in last.

 The painting support was a Masonite panel that had been previously prepared with two coats of gesso and a final coat of grey blue (approx. # five value) acrylic paint.

My palette for this piece was, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, cad.red light, alizarin, cad. yellow med.,  raw sienna and titanium white.
This painting was a welcome change from my usual landscape painting . It was a challenge !

'til next...


Raz Darnell said...

This is lovely! You would never know that it was a challenge... and even though it's different, your style comes through loud and clear. Awesome.

Bruce Sherman said...

A beauty Loner!... A beautiful active and natural composition which catches that spirit which only comes from being... "out there"... EH!!!

A gem!

Good Painting!... n' Happy trails!

aurora cabeza said...

imagen llena de movimiento y de belleza.


Hi Frank,
Very beautiful and happy painting !!!
I love too much your style and colours !!!

threaded pistol barrels said...

You guys certainly know how to have fun.

Frank A. said...

Raz Darnell...Thank you very much, Raz. I appreciate your compliment and opinion.

Stay Well..

Frank A. said...

Bruce Sherman

Howdy, Bruceter !

Thanks for the comment ! :-)
Trying to get some stuff ready for a show coming up..
Glad to hear that you are painting up a storm.

Do take care..

Frank A. said...

aurora cabeza

Thank you very much for your comment.. :-)


Frank A. said...


Thank you very much for the compliment.
I checked out you site. Great work.. I do not know how you have the patience to do what you do.. :-)

Take care !

Frank A. said...

threaded pistol barrels

"You guys certainly know how to have fun."

Yes, but at times "the fun" may be mistaken for "winter survival"
LOL... !

Thanks for your comment..