Thursday, February 07, 2013

An Oasis..

A Pit Stop    9" x 12"     O/P

I hope that I have captured the outer essence of this "mom and pop oasis" in the snow. It has a bit of everything for the local and motoring public who pass by. As the sign greets you on the front it reads, coffee *snacks *movies and is not to be outdone that one may also pick up the mail, buy a newspaper or exchange your empty barbecue cylinder for a full one. All with a smile !
Oh, and remember to, "gas up". 

The palette for this painting is, ultramarine blue, Prussian blue, cerulean blue, cad. red light, alizarin, cad yellow med. Indian yellow, raw sienna and titanium white. All the colours seen in the painting were mixtures of the above paints.
I used odourless mineral spirits as my medium but used sparingly in the mixtures
Brushes used were hog bristle two and three. A rigger was used for the finer details in the 'lettering' and branches of the trees and truck.

It was fun painting but, a little on the tedious side because of getting 'rapped up' in the details.
I really do have to get to know when to quit !

'til next... 

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