Saturday, November 03, 2012

Autumn Village Paintng

On The Sunny Side - Village of Parham   9" x 7"   O/P

 An observation.  It does not matter what the temperature is these autumn days, some folk will just not give up on the, 'summer mindset'. While painting, it is not uncommon for me to witness t-shirts', shorts or sandals being worn, while I am comfortable wearing next to winter weather clothing.
Each of us thinking there must be something wrong with the other.

My seasonal clothing must account for the strange stares I have been receiving these cooler days.

Again, the limited palette was used for this particular painting. The addition of chromium oxide and yellow green was also used.
The Masonite panel was double gessoed with a number five value acrylic gray paint applied to the surface.

All in all, a fun piece to  have painted.

'til next..



AK said...

Love those abstract strokes and the atmosphere they create.

Frank A. said...

AK..Thanks for that comment. I will have to pay more attention in the future to what you mention. Perhaps I can make it work (more) to my advantage.
Good luck to your 'nonstop' sailing friend.

Take care...

Susan said...

I really love your loose and painterly work!

Frank A. said...

Susan.. Thank you very much !

Ha ha ha ! Couldn't be much more painterly than your own work. Love it !

Thank you for taking the time to comment and for the lovely compliment.


Frank A.

Jane said...

Gorgeous landscape, love all the splashes of color so freely distributed !

Willy. said...

Very impressive powerfull, brushcolor strokes!

Frank A. said...

Jane.. Thank you for your compliment. The splashes of colour are fun to do and are motivated by our autumn colours. I am thankful for that !

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Willy..Thank you for that comment. It is reassuring when other artists make note and mention these things..

Take care..