Thursday, November 15, 2012

A small painting without "fuss".

Church In Moscow, Ontario... 7" x 9" ...  O/P

A smaller painting (back view) of a church in Moscow , Ontario. This was a rather quick painting (sketch ?) that seemed to come together without a lot of 'fuss'. I think that the secret here was to lay the colour down and..."leave it" ! Of course, the temptation was to poke around, fix this and change that. In the end, I think a painting this size, done quickly, is better just left alone. It is what it is...

My palette in this particular painting was a limited (or what I feel is a) fall palette. The colours were, cad. red, oxide, cad. yellow (med.) ultra. blue and titanium white.

It was nice to resist the temptation to rework areas, but in retrospect, I just may wish I had. Oh well !

'til next...


Anonymous said...

Very nice work Frank. Look forward to seeing more:)

Frank A. said...

Scott Daryn Tillett

Scott, sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
Thank you for the lovely compliment and for checking out my blog and the painting.
I spent some time on your blog. Great work there by you! I always admire anyone who has the patience to execute that style of painting. :)

Take care,