Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Painting a sunny autumn day..

Autumn Light ...  20" x 24"   o/c

Most times when thinking of fall colours, my mind usually conjures up a damp or wet scene with subdued colours. Other times, as in a sunny day, it is a game of shadows and pure colour playing back and forth, the contrasts of warm and cool values, colour temperatures, colour opposites, colour and atmospheric perspective, colour, colour and more colour..! That makes up a sunny autumn day painting.

The palette for this particular painting was for the most part, a limited palette. The colours were, Prussian blue, cobalt blue, Cad red light, alizarin, cad yellow med, yellow ocher and I also added a Chromium Oxide to my palette.
My medium for this piece was odourless mineral spirits.
Painting on a larger than usual canvas was a special treat today.

'til next..


Elizabeth Anderson said...

I always enjoy coming to see your work Frank. As an emerging artist I appreciate your sharing the palette so I can see the results in relationship to your choices.

Greetings from an Ontarionian now living on the BC south coast

Elizabeth Kendall said...

Beautiful art!

Frank A. said...

Elizabeth Anderson..

Elizabeth, Thank you very much for your comment.
It is a pleasure to share, use what you can. :)

Greetings from "home". I've lived in Richmond. "We are all over the place". :)

Good luck with your work..

Frank A. said...

Elizabeth Kendall

Elizabeth.. Thank you for the supportive compliment. It is much appreciated.

All the best to you and your work.