Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn Slowly Fades..

Autumn From Lookout Point ...10" x 12" ... O/P

While painting during the autumn season it seems that in the stillness of that time, the required effort to concentrate will wander. The senses become more astute to the sounds of the wind in the trees, the damp odour of the disturbed leaves under foot. The snapping of the hidden twigs under the leaves seem even louder to ones ears as one moves back from the easel. Examining the painting, one notices the leaves continuing to fall and the spell is broken...

For that short time, ..one is with 'autumn' !   

This piece was painted on a gessoed Masonite panel (two coats). When dry, I applied two coats of acrylic grey paint (approx. # five value) to the surface. This was done a day of two before the painting was executed.
The palette was my usual limited palette to which I added chromium oxide green and burnt sienna and a cobalt blue .

Thanks for checking it out!

'til next..

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