Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn in the back lakes

 Scrub Shoreline   11" x 14"   o/p

With a few days and nights of rain and winds and more in the forecast, the fall colours are fast disappearing.
Maybe it is just me, but, it just seems that the fall painting season is becoming shorter each year. 

My palette for this painting was my usual limited palette of previous pieces. My medium of choice was odourless mineral spirits.
I must add that  the Masonite panel had two coats of gesso applied to the surface. After the surface had dried, I brushed on two coats of acrylic gray, which was as close to a number five value "gray" as I could mix, using black acrylic and the white of the gesso.

It was a fun painting to do as the final bright colours seemed to hold their own against the dark values  of the lay in..

Thank you for dropping in !

'til next... 


Barbara Pask said...
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Barbara Pask said...

A wonderful painting, I love your work.

Frank A. said...

Barbara Pask..
My apologizes to you for not answering sooner.
I thank you for your wonderful compliment and I want to let you know that I appreciate it very much.

Do take care,
Frank A..