Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Autumn Happening

Autumn Happening In Cottage Country   11" x 14"   O/P

Fall colours are beginning to appear in cottage land. It appeared for awhile, the best we could hope for was just a visual sea of 'dirty yellow'.  It is encouraging to see some bright oranges and reds in the landscape the last few days. I am sure there is a competition as the green leaves refuse give in to the colour change. The new colours are exciting to see and the erg to paint is strong.

This piece was painted on a white gessoed panel without a colour wash or stain. I used my usual limited palette and odourless mineral spirits was my medium.

There will be many more chances to paint this short colourful season if the fall rain holds off.
..Crossing our fingers for good luck.

..'til next..

1 comment:

Bruce Sherman said...

Good Morning Loner!... Your latest round of sketches/paintings possess that "FA Edwards" feel which was always uniquely your own- crisply stated in a mosaic of hatched strokes of colour and line. Nice to see them again!

I'd be up for a painting day trip... if you wanted... to catch up on Time lost. It's slip-slidin' away on us both pardner! Get back to me if you might think the same!

Regardless of that... Happy Thanksgiving to you Marg and Team Edwards!

Happy Trails!
Tonto of Rockport