Thursday, July 05, 2012

Wild Lily Garden  ..9" x 12"  ..o/p

Because of the high temperature and humidity of the day, I decided that this painting would be a rather quick one.I am sure that the temptation to paint in the shade was more a deciding factor in choosing this scene to paint than the scene itself. 

Staying true to my original thought, I selected my two and a half inch 'house painting trim brush' to start the painting. Using lots of medium (Odorless Mineral Spirits) and different dark values of the bigger shapes,  I "slopped in" the objects of the scene. Not unlike a water color !
My next step was to let the mineral spirits evaporate before continuing. with high humidity, I had to aid in this by waving and old paint cloth in front of it. A painters work is never done !

The next step was the fun part.
Using a smaller brush, I began to place abstract shapes of the lilies and foliage within the darks. I had to keep in mind as I laid in these details, the aerial perspective or depth in the painting, not to mention the lighter values helping to give the objects their light and shape.

The heat was beginning to get to me by now and I think it was the deciding factor to call it quits and "pack it in".  

'til next..


aurora cabeza said...

bellisimo felicidades

Frank A. said...

aurora cabeza..Thank you ! You are very kind.. :)

Frank A.

Anonymous said...

Lovely paintings. Colorful, but restful and serene.

Frank A. said...

serendipity..Thank you ! I am happy that you read, "restful and serene" into this painting. ..Thanks !

Take care..

mother of the bride suits said...
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Frank A. said...
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