Friday, July 13, 2012

From My Sketch Book..

These 'sketches' are 4" x 6" on bond paper. They were done with a Sharpie Pen and water colour which was added after the sketch was finished.
Because of the current weather conditions (heat)  that we are presently having to endure, I decided to do some 'quicker' sketching rather than setting up my equipment for oil painting. I hate runny oil paint ! 
Where I could not find shade, I worked in my car with, when needed, the air conditioning.

This particular sketch was drawn with a straight pen and nib with India Ink. I found the nib and ink to be quite different than the Sharpie. The old fashioned dip nip allowed for thick and thin lines while drawing and a looser feel to the lines. ( Warning : With open bottles of ink and straight pens, strange"spills or splatters may appear in your car's upholstery ) ...Probably why this is the only " pen and ink " sketch. See me cringe !

This was a sketch from a side street in a small village.

And of course, what would a country scene be without a barn or two ?

And an old truck !

And, hey, another old barn.

And lastly, a scene of a bridge on and old country gravel road. This piece was probably the most ambitious of all the sketches.

I think that some of these sketches may/could end up as full oil paintings. We shall see !

'til next...


Shane Davis said...

You've really captured the weather and the mood of the day. I think some of these could make successful oil paintings.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Shane. I appreciate your comment.
We think the same in that I agree that there may be a couple of sketches that might make a good oil. Maybe when the winter comes, I can make a studio painting.
..Can't paint inside when the nice weather is finally here.

Take care..

Anonymous said...

I think your work is fantastic!!!! Love the videos on youtube-I am amazed how roughly you work but how it turns out so good!!

Frank A. said...

Anonymous..Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to post it. Although, I hope that you do not have me confused with someone else who's work is on you tube.

take care..

spottedwolf said...

these are wonderful Frank....keep in the shade !

Frank A. said...

spottedwolf..Thank you.. I am happy that the sketches were a good experience.

Keeping, "in the shade.."


bennysmith said...

sooooooo amazing pictures, they are vivid and beautiful, I like the pictures very much, thank you for sharing!

Frank A. said...


Benny, Thank you very much for the compliments. I am happy that you liked them .

" thank you for sharing!"

...My pleasure..

Take care

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Warning !


Dear Readers - Please ignore this comment.
It is an attempt to place a "free sales ad" on this blog.
The ad has nothing to do with "Art".

Addy said...

Very wonderful work I like to do one inspirational post on your work. If you allow to create a cured post of your paintings. I will send all the links to your blog.

Frank A. said...
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