Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Conservation Area

Cataraqui Conservation Area   ..11" x 14"   ..O/P

A blistering hot day can only be made better by sitting on a knoll with good friends, a cool breeze softly blowing through the shade of dense summer pines and a fresh painting on the go. Does it get much better ?

This panel is a Masonite panel that had a pink red ground that had been applied previously over two coats of gesso.
The colours used were the same as my previous painting , the limited palette.

The above photo is a picture of the scene that I so " liberally" painted. Again, a fun painting and a great day !

..'til next.


Taissia Basaria said...

Love the luminosity in this one, very nice colors.

Frank A. said...

Taissia Basaria

Taissia..Thank you for your observations and comments I appreciate the feedback.

Take care...