Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Portsmouth Village

A Home In Portsmouth Village ...14" x 12"  ..oil/panel 

I felt that this painting was going to be a little bit different from the start than past paintings. To begin with, my palette consisted  mainly of the paint from the previous day's paint out. Because of the heat and the low humidity, many of the colours were on the sticky side. I did add some fresh titanium white though.
I found that I had to add more mineral spirits to the colours (after I broke the 'skin' that had formed on the surface) Because of this, my bigger shapes were initially of a water colour consistency. There was some wait time while the medium evaporated before I  could begin breaking down the larger shapes with the smaller shapes and further to details.
You can see the kind of "mess" my palette was as I worked. I did clean off the mixing area a couple of times during the painting process. I did add some fresh cad. yellow med. to the palette as scrapings were thin !

A bit of a glare on the palette..sorry about that. It will be nice to get a fresh palette of clean colours.

The actual scene...

All things considered,.. it was a good lesson and a good afternoon of painting.

'til next..

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