Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Roadside Barns   10" x 12"   O/P

This is the final painting that I ended up with after suggesting that I may do the sketch from the previous post Even though I used the sketch, I think that it is obvious that I deviated from it as well.

For this painting , I used my most resent limited palette. It is still , cerulean blue, Prussian blue, cad. red , alizarin red, cad. yellow med, yellow ocher and titanium white.At times, I will throw in a colour that I feel will be useful to the painting I am working on. In this case, I did use a chromium oxide (green).

The next photo is of the original scene, taken after the sketch. 

  I did add a few details from the photo when I used  the photo to check on a few of the values.

I thought that this exercise was an interesting little project.

'Till next...                                


Elizabeth Kendall said...

Great work, love your art!

Elizabeth Kendall said...

Great art!

Frank A. said...

Eliabeth Kendall

Elizabeth..Thank you very much for your kind compliments. They are encouraging !

I really enjoyed reading, "Each Painting his own story..."and seeing the art for this story in your, "Creative Journal".

Good for you !

Take care.. Frank A.

Manny Tacbobo said...

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