Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Decommissioned Lighthouse - Prince Edward County   10" x 12"   o/p

The old lighthouse is now surrounded by small cottages and fishermen homes. Not many outside visitors or artists that I know of show up. It is a rather out of the way kind of place.
For those who do venture there will be rewarded by a warm, quiet scene that time has past.
Just you and...the Canada geese !

This support for this painting was a Masonite gessoed panel that had been pre stained with a burnt sienna wash and left to dry.
I used my limited palette and also added a light yellow green and a chromium oxide. Odourless Solvent was my medium .
I really liked the look of the coloured texture that the gessoe produced in areas.

'til next...


Levonne said...

Love your blog!

Frank A. said...

Levonne.. Thank you for taking the time to post your kind compliment. I appreciate it !

I wish you and "your family" a warm welcome to Canada.
I really hope that 'settling in' becomes a smoother transition for you and yours.
...Enjoyed reading your blog..

Take care...

phonix said...

Beautiful pictures they are lovable and great, thank you for sharing!

Frank A. said...



Dear Readers--Please ignore this comment.

It is an attempt to place a "free sales ad" on this blog.
It has nothing to do with "Art".

Thank you.