Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Theme Number One..

Bedford Mill   ..10" x 12"   ..O/P

Bedford Mill, it seems to me, has been a favourite subject for artists to paint for as long as I have been around this area. As new as this particular scene painted from here may seem to me, I am sure it has been painted several times.
It is still challenging from many angles and is a ideal quiet place to set up.

For this painting, I used my limited palette with the addition of 'lime green' and 'cadmium green '.
Odourless Mineral Spirits was my medium.

Another photo view of Bedford Mill...     

..'til next


aurora cabeza said...

me gusta la alegría del color

Frank A. said...

aurora cabeza.. thank you for your comment and compliment.
Colours and their values are very important to me and my work and I am happy that you recognize or feel that as well.

Take care, :)

Frank A.

Elizabeth said...

Your work is beautiful! Enjoy your blog!

Frank A. said...

Elizabeth, nice to have you here. Thankyou !
I am really enjoying your blog and work. Lots of great "stuff" :) here.

Take care..