Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On The Road To Long Lake   ..  10' X  12"   ..o/p

Many of the mid "spring greens" are still  holding their own against the encroaching warm summer weather. It is a pity that the contrasting lighter greens will soon yield to the dark summer greens.

This painting was painted on a lightly pink stained Masonite panel . 

I used my limited palette for this painting and odourless mineral spirits was my medium. The composition of this painting was brushed on in a light and loose manner, roughly following the darker values of the "mother colours" of the objects. Working all over the panel, I gradually applied heavier paint by using less medium when laying down the next lighter value. I continued in this manner until I had satisfied myself that I had finished building the painting to a finish. Now it was time to lay in the nuances and check the values and the lost and found edges.

No other colours were added to the palette for this painting. (for a change)

'til next...

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