Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Canadian In Paris   ...10" x 12"   ...O/P

It was a beautiful eleven day visit in the capital of France and countryside.

Many of the usual  touristy places were visited and a mixture of the unexpected. I did visit the Musee d'Orsay to view at first hand the original paintings of the well known French Impressionists. A dream come true ! One could spend days there viewing and studying these works. You would have loved it !
I  also visited with my granddaughter, who is studying in Paris this year. Anytime one can do that, it is special !

This painting is on a Masonite panel that has been prestained with a couple of coats of "runny, pinkish oil colour" over two coats of gesso. The runny colour was evaporated with a hot hairdryer, leaving a thin coating of colour to air dry.
My palette was my now regular limited palette. To this palette, I added a light lime green.

This particular piece was painted using a photo reference.

'til next..


kk said...

nice painting
nice blog

Frank A. said...

kk...Thank you very much for your comment.
Your compliment is appreciated.

Take care..

Sarah Browning said...

I absolutely love the feeling that comes along with this piece

Frank A. said...

Sarah Browning..

Sarah,..Awww, April in Paris!
You have to be a 'Romantic'. :-)

Your compliment makes me happy .
Thank you !


Papierflieger said...

Hi Frank,
these are real treasures..indeed you captured that Paris atmosphere very well.