Sunday, March 04, 2012

Winter Roadside Sumac    ..11" x 14"    ..o/p

It happens from time to time. I was traveling north on a fairly busy hi way,  looking for a scene to paint. As I reached near the bottom of a small hill, I spotted the scene that excited me as a painting. I really liked the colours and the composition seemed ideal as it was.

As bad luck would have it, this particular portion of the hi way did not have a shoulder wide enough to allow me to pull over and park my vehicle let alone set up to paint safely from oncoming traffic.
I decided to make another pass of the scene and take a picture from my moving car. At least I would have a photo reference for a future studio painting.

By unintentionally slowing down a couple of cars behind me, I was able to fumble with my camera enough to take a quick photo through the driver's side window, all the while, I am sure, my vehicle moved aimlessly forward. I recovered my 'driving position' and carried on up the road, trying to cover up my embarrassment from the occupents in their passing cars.

I do not recommend this unsafe, embarrassing method of shooting reference photographs !

'til next.


Aly said...

This is quite a lovely painting, Poppy! Try to be careful though - we don't want you getting into any car accidents before you come to visit! :)

Frank A. said...


Thank you,Hon ! I do not want to have ANY accidents :)..Will be careful.

Love, Poppy