Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Milk Stand   ..10" x 12"   ..O/P

Many of us still remember the milk stand and how each morning the dairy farmer, after milking, would put out  the  full milk cans for pickup by the local dairy. The driver would, after loading the full cans of milk, leave the equivalent number of empty cans for the farmer and the next days pickup.
How times have changed !
It is now rare to see a milk stand and those that are left are only dilapidated reminders of what once was.

This painting was painted on a gesso prepared Masonite panel that had two coats of "runny" yellow-orange oil paint applied to the surface. I evaporated the 'odourless solvent'  that I used to make and apply the colour to the surface of the panel with a hand held hair dryer. I then rubbed the thin coating of oil paint with a paper towel to smooth it out evenly.

The painting was executed using my limited palette.

 I was rather pleased at how my memory turned out.

'til next..

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