Friday, March 16, 2012

First Autumn Snow   ..11" x 14"   ..Oil /Canvas

I guess that the title of this piece may be the first clue that this is not a true plein air painting. For this painting I used photo reference and a couple of sketches that I did last fall on one of my short northern 'drivearounds' looking for scenes to paint. The subject or barns and some of the snow are ' for real' and with  editing and some  imagination,  I ended up with this painting.

The palette for this piece was, Prussian blue, cerulean blue, quin. rose, red light, cad.yellow m., yellow ochre and of course, titanium white .
I completed my layout with a wash drawing, mostly of the shadows and darkest areas. Ofter this step, I began laying in the middle colours and lastly my brights.
As I had mentioned in a previous post, I layed in my sky lastly. In this case it was the foreground shadows that suggested the sky treatment for this painting.

A great way to spend a Thursday evening... or any evening .

'til next..


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Your colors and looseness really work! Nice.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Gil...I thought that I was getting a little "Tight" since it was a studio piece Being comfortabe tends to do that.. :)

Koool Bug !!
Standing behind it, you look old enough to drive.

Katherine Curis said...

I love the colors in this, beautiful.

Frank A. said...

Katherine Curtis

Katherine, Thank you for the compliment on the colours in this painting. A little "higher key" than most of my stuff.
...Still, may not be your favourite "portrait colours" though... :)

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

I like the softness of this composition.

Your blues are beautifully applied.

Frank A. said...

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary..

Thank you very much for your observations and kind compliment.

Your opinion is appreciated.

Frank A.

Artist said...

great choice of palette! i love how this piece has an misty, kind of foggy feeling! captures the mood of winter very well! Great work!

Antonin Passemard said...

Your work is a real inspiration to me.

Frank A. said...

Artist..Thank you for mentioning your keen observations of my painting and for your kind compliment.
Checked out your blog."keep the art fires burning."
All the best of luck with what ever medium you choose.

Frank A. said...

Antonin Passemard. Thank you ! Your comment is Humbling.

"Your work is a real inspiration to me."
..Best of luck with your painting.