Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Deserted Farm In Winter  ...11" x 14"  ...O/P

My palette for this painting consisted of, Prussian blue, permanent rose , cadmium yellow, burnt sienna, yellow ocher, a Portland grey light mixture, cadmium red light and titanium white.
My medium for this painting, as usual, was an odourless solvent.

The panel was Masonite that had two applications of gesso applied to the surface. No sanding was done to the surface pryer to applying paint. In this particular painting, the surface was left white.

The method in proceeding with this painting was to use a lot of medium with the colour and to apply it to the surface in a loose manner , indicating the big shapes of the house, the background trees, the large "clump" of trees on bottom right and the smaller, lighter bush on the lower left of the panel. Darker shadow areas were loosely laid in on top of the previous wash of dark bush colour. The sky was then washed on...
What we had now on the panel was a loose wash drawing of the scene with little or no detail. This, maybe needless to say, was done "squinting" from time to time, checking some things as colour values and colour perspective.

Once the 'wash'  has had a chance to evaporate, the final,  less saturated local colours were applied to the appropriate areas, paying attention to the drawing in general and 'lost and found' edges. ( We do not want that 'cutout ' look happening ! ) Finally, the thicker paint was applied to the brighter and closest areas of the painting.
I found that this method of execution to be quite organized, yet allows for a great deal of freedom from start to finish.

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Panto phobia said...

I must say that your painting is more then Awesome..

Frank A. said...

Panto phobia

I really appreciate your compliment and I thank you very much !

Best Regards