Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Tree   ..11" x 14"   ..O/P

Believe it or not, there is still no snow on the ground and the temps continue to hover around the thirty-two and thirty -seven F* mark. ...And here it  is, the end of the first week in January.

So, what am I looking at ?  I have grown quite restless waiting for the opportunity to paint "snow".
The piece above was painted using a reference photo that was originally quite dark and rather colourless that I changed to a continuous gray toned photo. By doing this, I could proceed with the painting without being influenced by the colours of the original photo and still exercise my own colour experiences for this type of scene..

My palette for this painting was my latest new palette that I used in the previous two paintings.

I found this exercise to be both practical and of course, fun.

'til next..


Aly said...

Hi Poppy!

Lovely painting. I really like this one. Can't believe you guys still don't have snow though! I hope you get some soon so you can get back to your winter scenes!

Lots of love from your granddaughter!

Frank A. said...

Hi Aly..Great to hear from you on my blog.
I am happy that you like this piece.
I guess that you do not have any more snow in Paris than we do here.
I think that can be both a 'good thing' or a 'bad thing',depending on where we are.

"Lots of love from your granddaughter!"

Thanks, Aly. I can always use that. :)

Back at you.. Poppy.

Bruce Sherman said...

Happy New Year Frank!... Aly has a good eye!Paris???... these kids get around don't they?? A different world for certain!

If memory serves me (still)... the scene is motif #1 at Gould Lake... n'est-ce pas? A few good painting trips to that spot!

We have winter here... lots of it... and I gather you have had it enter your area in an icy way as well!

We both did a week of colds... laid flat... but hope to get back in the saddle this week.

Happy Trails... and Good Painting in 2012 Frank! Miss my ol' sidekick... but still got the good memories!


Frank A. said...

Bruce.. and the best to you and your family in the New Year as well. :)

Qui,your memory serves you well ! The last of some "still" recognizable painting spots back there.
..Enjoyed your "catch up" Christmas letter. I still hope to get a letter of my own back to you.
Happy to hear that you both are on the mend and are soon able to "get out there".

'Clippity - clop' !


Anonymous said...
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Frank A. said...

...Dear Reader.. An unsolicited advertisement has been removed !