Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Deserted Shack   ..8" x 10"   ..O/P

Well, isn't that about the way it goes ? First I mention that we have not had any snow yet this year, and wouldn't you know it...  rain, snow , freezing rain, snow, melting, warm, cold, snow, warm, rain..and not necessarily in that order. Certainly not good plein air painting weather IMHO. But, it is what it is. Perhaps tomorrow !

This painting, again, was with the new palette that I am trying to get used to. It is tough in a way to get used to it since I had been using my previous limited palette for so long. I think it is coming and it is fun to try new colours. I always have a couple of my favourates on my palette so that I can always fall back on for support.

Like I said before, Practice, Practice, Practice...

'til next..


Papierflieger said...

Hello Frank and a happy new year!

The shadow on the snowy roof is magic, great atmosphere in this piece.

Frank A. said...


Martin..a big "hello" to you and a 'happy new year' as well.
Thank you so much for your comment and compliment for this painting.
Nice to hear from you. It has been awhile.. :)


Kerch said...

Lovely painting. You've captured the feeling of a cold bright winter day.

Frank A. said...

Kerch..thank you. I appreciate your opinion.

Jennifer Koach said...

I like your new palette. You even make snow look inviting and I'm a deep south girl.

Frank A. said...

Jennifer Koach..

Jennifer, Thank you very much for the lovely compliment.
I have been enjoying the new palette and at the same time , I find the learning curve to be on the 'sharp' side. :)
The snow in my area is usually deep for this time of year. This year , for some reason it is in short supply.

Do take care !

Oil Paintings said...

Lovely painting.Good atmosphere show in this painting.

Frank A. said...

Oil Paintings..
Thank you very much for your compliment. I appreciate your comment.



Anonymous said...
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Frank A. said...

...Dear Reader.. An unsolicited advertisement has been removed !