Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Autumn Morning Outside The Bunky   ..8" x 10"   ..O/P

" Bunky"  is not an uncommon word in our cottage country or vacation land. For those who have a summer cottage , it is not unusual to have a smaller 'outbuilding' next to or beside the main cottage, usually reserved for 'overflow' guests as an overnight sleeping quarters.

This particular panel prier to painting was primed with two coats of gesso and finally, in this case, coated with two coats of oil based "light pink".

My palette for this painting was a limited palette which included, red lite, alizarin, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow med. and titanium white. I did have a sap green and yellow ochre on my palette as well.

My first effort did not go well so I made the decision to 'scrape' it off. I did not clean (wash)  the image completely off but left the rubbed image and used it as a background dark for my next effort. I was pleased with this method . It felt as though the first darks for the painting had been painted before I started the next stage of laying lighter colours or values and working towards the finnish. The painting seemed to go quite quickly.

It was a fun painting and just a little different I felt.

..'til next..


Janice said...

Beautiful work!

Frank A. said...

Janice..Thank you very much.

ugg said...
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Frank A. said...

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