Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Autumn Shore Rocks   ..10" x 8"     ..O/P

There is still some nice fall colour out there. It is strange that in some pockets of the county, there are trees that have maintained their late summer green colour. Strange to see when some other trees are bare.

The panel for this small painting was a two coasts of gesso Masonite panel.. No under coat of colour was added to the surface before the painting was started.

My palette for this piece was my usual limited palette . Colours that I added as 'extras' (just in case) were yellow ochre, a number five gray (neutral), lime green, earth green and naples yellow. 
This painting was painted using an assortment of three 'round' brushes. (for no specific reason).

It is a small painting but anytime there are rocks in the scene, it can be a separate challenge.

'til next..


Ed Terpening said...

Wonderful work, Frank.

Frank A. said...

Ed Terpening.

Ed, thanks !

I appreciate your compliment and
I am happy that you have taken the time to post it. :)
The autumn colours have all but disappeared for another year.

Happy Painting..

snortpiggy said...

Your artwork is amazing! I'm not too far away from you (Michigan) and peak color is supose to be halloween weekend. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see some color. I'm glad I found your blog and I look foward to seeing what else you will post.

Frank A. said...

snortpiggy :) (kool)

Thank you very much for your post and compliment.
I am glad that you found my blog. Welcome !
Hope that the colours down your way show their best for you.

See you next post.
Take care..

jen wardle said...

I love this painting!

Frank A. said...

jen wardle..

jen.. thank you very much. I am happy that you found me.
Your blog was interesting and I wish you all the best with your 'work'.

Take care...

Lily said...

Looking forward to see more of your art work.

Frank A. said...

Lily.. Thank you !
I hope to please. :)

Felice said...

dear Frank, Greeting from Singapore !
Thank you for sharing your 'TREASURE'
and it really enriches our mind & soul..Appreciate your time & effort.
Keep up the great job !!

Frank A. said...

Dear Felice..
Seasons's Greetings back to you from Canada.
Thank you for your charitable remarks and encouragement.
I really appreciate them.
How nice of you !

Do take care.