Tuesday, September 20, 2011

11" x 14"   ..O/P

The slow moving water of the rapids at Storring's bridge are yet another example of the many scenes that are available. It seems that in any direction one can see a scene to paint, any time of the day or year.
Right now the early fall colours are beginning to change the flavour of the scenes from the summer greens to a more colourful autumn. I just know that when the autumn is over and we are heading for winter and snow scenes, that we will still be looking for that last colourful bush or last dying leaf to paint. And it will be here. 

I used a white gessoed panel at the beginning of this painting. I tryed to cover as much of the panel , as fast  as I could, with thin washes of varying greens, sky and back lit yellow greens. The rest of the painting was drawn and layed in with purples and blues.
From this point on it was a case of picking out the largest details and placing their colours on the previous washes. Repeating the same method, I kept breaking down the next largest details with further suggestions of colour to suggest the objects in that area. I kept refining all the areas in this manner until I had what I felt was a completed painting. At this point I could concentrate on further details and correcting values, picking here and there to finish.

It was a fun painting and seemed to develop and finish quickly.

'til next..


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
what a lovely oil! One can hear the water sing and the greens are just perfect. I really like it!

Frank A. said...

Mariano. Thank you very much. It is a rather romantic place to paint. I may go back a couple more times before the snow flies. It is the ideal place to paint with the autumn colours up here. IMHO of course. :)

Nice to hear from you, Mariano.

Jesus Estevez said...

nice painting Frank,those rapids look great.the vegetation as well. Cheers

Frank A. said...

Jesus Estevez

Jesus, nice to hear from a an artist "next door", so to speak. :)
Thank you for your evaluation. They are reassuring.
Storrings bridge would be a handy place for you to paint at, especially with the fall colours.

Here's to y'u .

Jesus Estevez said...

where is Storrings bridge? is it close to Belleville?

Frank A. said...

Jesus,..I'll be in touch through your email. :)

hmuxo said...

Wonderful painting!!

Frank A. said...

hmuxo..Thank you for the lovely compliment and for commenting.

Sadeu said...

your paintings as Wonderful!

Frank A. said...

Sadeu.. Thank you. Your comment is appreciated. :)