Friday, September 30, 2011

Below The Bridge   ..8" x 10"   O/P

One more trip back to Storrings bridge to the rain !

After scouting the area , I finally settled on this spot and began to set up. I noticed  how the wetness was effecting the scene, the overall 'flatness' of the different values and the darkening of the colours. Although I was fairly close to the subject, there seemed little or no aerial perspective due to the lack of light or the overcast and rainy day. Another disadvantage was the lack of 'shadows', which also contributed to the look of flatness in the scene.

In the photo (left) you may see my palette and panel plus my setup.
My palette is the basic limited palette with the addition of Burnt Sienna, Veridian, a Yellowish Green and Titanium White that had been lightly 'grayed down' and used in my mixtures.
I had to 'play up' areas in the painting with darker colours in order to make up for the lack of contrasting values. I felt at the time that it helped to sort objects from each other and that it also gave the painting a certain energy that was lacking in the non shadows.

You can see how I have stylized the scene as I painted, compared to the photo of the actual scene. In my mind, objects or their colours shown in the photo seemed to be separated or scattered about and unrelated to each other.
In this case, I exaggerated the objects in the scene by giving them more volume, thus pulling them together to unify the objects and in my opinion, improving the composition,  introducing  a more abstract feeling that gave the painting much more energy. 

Of course, as we all knew it would happen, the sun came out just as I was finishing.  : (

'til next..


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
we can't win them all can we? But the lack of sun gave you some great ideas for your oil and the colors are splendid! I love-it

Frank A. said...

Hi mariano..

"we can't win them all can we?"

Isn't that the truth ?
The change was as good as a rest, and that can be refreshing as well.
Thanks for the compliment and I am happy that you like it.

Take care..

Ed Terpening said...

This is wonderful. Reminds me of Tom Tompson.

Marian Fortunati said...

You certainly managed to paint a lovely painting of that scene even though you said it was "flat"... I think it's lively and colorful... And a lot like the scene in the photo but with your own artistic touch!!! NICE!!

Frank A. said...

Ed Terpening..

Hi Ed ..
So nice to hear from you !
I can't deny the influence that "Tom and the boys" had on my earliest work. I guess that it still sneaks through from time to time.
I am not ungreatful to them but..the reminder can at times be a curse.

Frank A. said...

Marian Fortunati.

Marian, Thank you for your kind, positive comment and compliment.
I may just have to change my "flat" comment after forcing me to re-examine the painting.


ugg said...
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Frank A. said...

...Dear Reader.. An unsolicited advertisement has been removed !