Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Maple Syrup And Pancakes   ..11" x 14"   O/P

I managed to get "back north" for a couple of days to look for painting subjects. I came across this old deserted maple sugar shack advertising pancakes and syrup. It is not often that one finds this large type of sugar shack. Obviously at one  time a commercial enterprise.
The main feature of this 'shack' was that its main structure was entirely made of huge logs. Not unlike the early pioneer home.
Just unusual enough to beg to be painted.

My palette was limited to the basic red, yellow and ultramarine blue, and of course, titanium white. My panel was Masonite that had two coats of gesso applied to the surface. The surface was also left white.

I noticed that  the "gold" was beginning to gradually creep into the green field grasses. The golden rod was in full bloom.
Still lots of good painting weather, especially with autumn just around the corner.

til next..


Raz Darnell said...

Beautiful as always :)

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
Even if I came from Italy at 33 , pancake and syrup is one of my favorite thing here! This is an interesting piece of information . Those log are massive even abandoned!

Frank A. said...

Raz Darnell..Appreciated.. :)

Frank A. said...

Mariano..Yes ! The family owned business has moved to a new new location with new buildings but still work the same bush. The old one is now a 'relic' that speaks well of its' history in the area
Thanks for checking it out,Mariano.

Art Collector's Corner said...

nice work!

Frank A. said...

Art Collector's Corner.. Thank you very much. Your comment is very much appreciated.

Me said...

Frankly good.

Frank A. said...

Me.. Thank you ! :)