Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Conservation Park   ..10" x 14"   ..O/P

This park is very close to where my home is. I really do not take advantage of it to paint in. I guess it is a case of the grass never being as green on the other side of the fence. Or, is it possible that the  perfect composition could never be found that close to home. It was a nice change not having to drive around in the country and end up with nothing worthwhile to paint. You know the feeling !
This painting certainly felt like an exercise in, "how many greens can I mix today." I started with my usual limited palette. It was not long before I had added green earth, chromium oxide and a yellow green. Even though it was an overcast day and the values seemed close, this gave me plenty of options.

'til next.

The panel was a gesso (two coats) covered Masonite panel . I left the face of the panel white.
...A good exercise in the mixing of those "summer greens"...


Ruth Andre said...

Fabulous painting and you were able to paint close to home.

Frank A. said...

Ruth, thank you very much.
Close to home is the best when it is as hot as it has been lately. Great seeing you again... :-)

All the best with your paintng.