Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cemetery Chapel   ..7" x  9"   ..O/P

This sketch  was painted on a Masonite panel with two coats of gesso applied to the surface pryer to painting. No undertone was used in this piece.
For this  painting I stayed true to the three primary colours. Yes, it seemed a hard thing to do but I refused the temptation to reach for some of my more familiar mixtures.
The colours for this piece were, cad. red med., cad. yellow med. ultra marine blue and titanium white. Because of the thicker application of paint, (as seen in the brushstrokes) I used an odourless solvent.
The layout of the subject was a rather quick sketch with very few details. As a result, the masses were layed in without much 'fuss' and the details were more or less squiggles of light.

I think that the result turned out to show a fun and radical little painting.

'til next..


Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Frank,
I like the result, specially with the limited pallette. I did the same , but a portrait: Flake white, cad yell med. crimson lake and phtalo green blue, but still have to post. Ciao

Frank A. said...

Mariano..Thanks ! Waiting for your post.. sounds like an interesting palette.

Take care.

Linda said...

Wonderful Painting, Beautiful colours, very restful to the eye.

Frank A. said...

Linda..A great confidence builder comment. I thank you very much.

Do take care..

Admin said...

nice.... i like a type paint

Celeste Bergin said...

just excellent

Frank A. said...

Admin..Thank you very much.. It was a little different for me to do this to the extent that I did.
Have to learn, I guess :)

Frank A. said...

Celeste Bergin..

I appreciate your compliment, Celeste and I thank you very much.
I do not know how you find the time to check out the paintings of others because of your tight painting shedule.
But,..I am happy that you do ! :)

Do take care..