Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yellow Home In Historic Barriefield   ..11" x 14"   ..o/p

The painting day started out real well. Only the weather forecast gave any hint of rain showers. As a matter of fact, the weather had been quite hot up to this date so I decided to 'sit' for this painting just to conserve energy. 
After arriving, it did not take long to set up as I had squeezed out my limited palette colours the night before. I even found a shady spot on a little knol, right in front of my subject. ..Perfect !

I opened a "Coke", put it into the holder on the arm of my fold up chair and nestled in to do the layout for the painting. Things were going well until I noticed the sky cloud over (a little) and a few drops were felt. My first thought was, "Don't mess with the weatherman."

By this time I was in pre-panic mode, asking myself if I should pack it in or carry on painting. All the while I am trying to reach for my white tube of paint from the seated position, only to have my fold up chair collapse and deposit me on the downside of a wet knol.
Upon closer inspection , I found that the "Coke"had been thrown out of the holder and had emptied its' fuzzy,sticky self on my back. I was "Coke" soaked from the neck to my waist. As if the rain was not enough !

That was it !  Hurriedly packing my gear, throwing it into the van for sorting later, I headed for home.

Last evening, I was able to overlook my little embarrassment and have another go at it.

..Glad I did.

'til next..


E.Milz said...

Love your story mate! The real life of an plein air painter! I know the feeling of a great start and the weatherman changing his mind, the panic creeping in...


Frank A. said...


I am glad that someone else understands the plight of the plein air painter, Eckhardt !
We do not get much sympathy under those or most other circumstance, I'm afraid. ;-)(wink, wink)

It was nice to hear from you.
Have a great summer.