Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Marysville, Wolfe Island   ..9" x12"   ..o/p

Wolfe Island is a beautiful place to plein air paint. It is bustling with locals and tourists all going about their business. A Canadian Island, it lies in the mouth of the St. Lawrence River and is joined to Kingston by ferry and to the south, upper New York state, by ferry.

I used my basic palette for this painting. Alizarin, cad red, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, cad yellow med., cad lemon yellow and titanium white make up that list.
You may also notice that I have yellow-green on my palette as well.

For this painting , out of curiosity, I used only two round brushes. It was different for sure.

The panel did not have a coloured wash on its' surface before painting on it.

A beautiful day of painting in a beautiful place.

'til next..


Jesus Estevez said...

Beautiful, I think that the panel without colored wash does gives more luminosity to the painting, is only my opinion.

Frank A. said...

Jesus..Under certain circumstances, I would have to agree with you. ( It is the little unpainted white bits that are seen when the painting is finished that drive me crazy !) :-)
Thanks for your opinion, it is important.
I hope that the summer is going well for you and your paintng.

Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday Loner!...Glad that you're having beautiful summer days... in beautiful places... "out there"!

Once again... The Wolfe and Marysville in particular evoke many Happy days... and happy trails shared!

You've really captured a nice light here in this sketch... and "the quiet" of Island Life! Good one!

Happy Trails!

Frank A. said...

Bruce, thanks for commenting. Yup, a few good painting times there for sure.
Lots of tourists around and the ferry lineups are still as long as you remember them.
I do find those many "wind mills" a little on the distracting side though. They now seem to be everywhere, over there.
I hope that this reply fines all of the family well.
Best of summer paintin' to y'u !
( Had a word from Baie St.Paul. all well..Paul fine.)

Tor Hershman said...

.[____].---{Wonderful work}

Frank A. said...

Tor..Thanks for the compliment. We can all use those . :-)

By the way, great self-portrait...