Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kingston Mills   ..9" x 12"   ..O/P

 It started out as a sticky, hot weekday morning. I had already made up my mind earlier that this was going to be the scene that I would paint today. As a result, the setup seemed to go quite fast and it was not long before the sketch was finished and I was laying the paint down.
It was no secret that I had painted from this spot before. The challenge this time was or seemed to be, getting the values at least close to what it was that I saw before me.

My palette for this painting was a limited palette. The colours were ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow, alizarin, cerulean blue, cad red light and cad lemon yellow. My medium was odourless mineral spirits.

As nice as the day started out, shortly after lunch break it began to sprinkle and before I could get to the vehicle, it was pouring down. Thankfully, I had completed the painting to a point where I could call it finished. Sometimes an unexpected rain at the right time can be helpful.

'til next..


René PleinAir. said...

Challenging Frank, not what I am used from you. I do like it, although I'll guess it should be more chosen these subjects. I mean compositional you could lead the viewer into and around the painting. To put it different it's three staged now, I can imagine that e few meters left or right the composition would be more leading. But then again, you could mean that this composition is your choice, that's also fine it's all personal in the end. Anyway I like this one, the color the subject and the challenge! Well done!!

Candy Barr said...

Like the depiction of the moving water esp against the static solid "walls" of the structure.

Frank A. said...

Rene.. Thanks for your comments on this painting. I understand what it is you are saying about it. It is just that I was really taken with the triangular pattern that I saw in the original scene more than anything else.
No other excuses !
Thanks again.. :-) I hope that you are enjoying the summer.

Take care.

Frank A. said...

Candy Barr..Thank you for your comment. It is a pleasure to hear from you.
When all is said and done,(I think that it is my favourite part of the painting as well.)

Have a great summer of painting. :-)

Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday Loner!... A nice quiet... colour-filled rendering of an ol' favourite haunt!

Nice contrast... the stillness of the rest of subject versus the active water movement! Good one!

Brings back a lot of happy memories for "Me" Loner... side-by-side at this very site!

Happy summer trails!

PS Hi to Marg and the gang!