Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Wet Market Day Behind City Hall   ..9" x 12"   ..O/P

I think that this painting could be quite ambitious considering the complexity of the large limestone building and the activity in the park behind it. The streets were still wet from an earlier rain. With these thoughts in mind, I decided that instead of covering the whole panel with my normal 'prewash' colour, I would be more selective and lay down a wash in the basic shape of the objects in the painting. Therefore I would have three or four main washes. For example, a wash for the hall, sky, foreground and so on.
Once this was completed, I could then continue by defining areas within the washes, changing the values and colours as I worked. This method, I think, kept me from getting 'bogged down' in the details of the scene.
I stayed with this method until to continue further would mean only tightening and overworking the piece. A few touches here and there and I was finished.

I used my basic palette and added a light gray and a medium gray to my palette as well. I think that they worked nicely with the colours to suggest ' the day'.

'til next..

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