Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Home In Lyndhurst   ..11" x 14"   ..O/P

If this piece looks familiar and you have guessed that you have seen it before, you have guessed right. I did a painting similar to this one during the past snowy winter and used it as a Christmas card.
This painting is a 'spring' painting !

The panel for this painting was prepaired with the usual 'rough' two coats of gesso and when dry, a coat of medium gray was applied to the surface.  From the start , I was not influenced by the ground colour such as my usually rubbed 'red-orange' surface.
It seemed that from the start I was able to work back and forth between the dark colours and their values and the brighter colours and their values. I found that the medium gray base allowed me more freedom than usual to apply dark or bright colours interchangeably at will. I was able to paint more frenetically as seen for example in the foreground of this painting.
Some areas such as the front of the houses show the effects of the gray base effecting the 'thinner' final colour.

Being able to use all the colours as I painted was exciting and showed in the finished piece, IMHO.

'til next..


Jesus Estevez said...

Beautiful spring colors in this painting Frank. It looks great.

Randall Cogburn said...

HI Frank,

Just spotted this painting and recognized the style. Love when that happens. I couldn't find an email for you so I'll just ask you if you mind if I do a write up about you that will be posted on my blog. Do to some set backs I can't paint so instead I'll keep the ball rolling and just write for the time being. If you'd like to email me it's on my blog.


Frank A. said...

Thanks Jesus..I appreciate your opinion.

It looks as though you have been all over the map doing your painting. :-) Nice Stuff !!

Take care..

Frank A. said...

Kirby.. sorry to be getting back to you at this later date.
I am happy that you recognized "the style". I also am happy when that happens.

I hope that your "set backs" don't deter you from painting for long.

I would be happy to see the write up and certainly do not mind.

Will be in touch.


René PleinAir. said...

Love this one!!

The up looking sight give it a lovely childish feel to it, almost like your going home.

something differ Frank, do you have a Face-book account? If not, work on it!! hehehe.

Frank A. said...

Thanks Rene, Glad that you like it.
My computer is not running right now. I have to get windows reinstalled. (when ever !)

I will have to look into face book, I guess. That is all I need, more time on the computer.
You are doing great things right now,Rene. Keep it up ! :-)

Take care..

René PleinAir. said...

Mwoah Frank is not so much on spending more time on Internet as well trying to find a spot where you've making the most of it in the minimal time. I'll guess Facebook is that for the time being, it's all in one so to speak it's social, work and keeps you updated without checking all kinds of other sites.

'Shore flowers' in another hit btw.

René PleinAir. said...

in = is!!