Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Spring Pasture   ..9" x 12"   ..O/P

This painting follows in the footsteps of the previous two paintings in that I was finally able to use up the paint I had originally put out on my palette. It was getting a little on the dry side.
I did not use any of the grays that I had on my palette . I think not using them improves the brightness of the colours for sure.
My initial colours were darker, thin 'washes ' using odourless thinners.
This allowed me to be able to remove the colour or add to them in order to arrive at what I thought were my final base values. Once this problem had been solved, the fun 'stuff' of painting I find is just beginning.

Great fun !

'til next..


Victor Errington said...

Fantastic colourful painting Frank, as usual of cours. All the best frank.

hmuxo said...

Absolutely love this painting! Well done.

SKIZO said...


Frank A. said...

Hi Victor..Thank you for your comments. They are appreciated. Also thanks for staying in touch from time to time.
Nice to see the photo of you actually painting. (with your friend) Great work on yor blog !

Have a great painting summer.

Frank A. said...

Hilda..Thank you for the lovely compliment on my painting.
I enjoyed looking at your blog and the paintings in pastel.
As an oil painter, I appreciate your "first oil painting" and congratulate you on its success.

Have a wonderful summer.

Frank A. said...

SKIZO..Thank you for your complimentory comment.

I found your blog to be very interesting and also refreshing.

Continued success !

Karen Fox said...

hi Frank
I like this one.
How are you?

Frank A. said...

Karen Fox..Thanks ! Happpy to hear from you, Karen.
Everyone fine here. I will try to get back to you if your url is the same. Hope so.

Take care..

RichiesART said...

I like the movement and freshness of the colours, also, the way the light falls across the shed. Wonderful work.

Frank A. said...

Richie.. Thanks for your lovely assessment and keen eye of this painting. It is appreciated.