Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My " Churchill (cigar) Pochade Box "

The last thing that I was able to do to the Pochade Box was to paint a sketch on the front of the lid. This was purely a second and decorative thought. I left the "stamps" ( bottom rt. corner) on and covered them as well with gesso and whatever else was not protected by the masking tape. My reference for the sketch was a painting that I had previously painted. I left the truck out.
 After the paint had dried , I removed the masking tape to reveal the original wood of the cigar box and a portion of the 'stamp'. I think it makes a good frame and helps to maintaine the "cigar box look" 
I am pleased with the looks of the pochade box and the idea of it.

Now, do I really want to use it ?

'til next...


Keith Tilley said...

It looks very nice Frank. I hope it leads to some inspired sketches.

I have a small wooden box which I often think about making into a pochade box. I'm not sure how well it would work with acrylics though. Maybe I'll try oils!

Frank A. said...

..I think that it will make a good travelling companion, Keith. Being close at hand and at the ready for painting should be enough incentive to 'inspire'.

I think that your small wooden box converted into a pochade would be a good 'incentive' to work with a limited palette in oils while out with the watercolours. ..even if it was only for a break.
Nothing to lose, Keith.

Hey, great talking with you again.
Have a great summer of painting.

Yellow Purple Cat said...