Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My Churchill "cigar" Pochade Box    ..7 1/2" x 8"

Yes, it was a former wooden cigar box that originally contained ten 'Churchill' cigarros . ( Dominican Republic ) I was lucky to have it given to me, no strings attached. What to do with it now that I had it. I can not count the number of  times that I reopened and closed the box before the light came on... I decided to convert it into a small pochade box.

A pochade box, then, is a portable painting box meant to facilitate the creation of a small alla prima painting or sketch. In this case, my sketch or painting will be limited to a 5" x7" or a 6" x 4" panel.
In my mind, I think that this small box will be perfect for working in tight or close quarters, standing in a doorway, under an umbrella or in the front seat of your car in cold weather. Great for a limited palette.
When finished with the sketch it is just a question of closing the lid and walking away or throwing it under the seat of your car.

I have an old "fanny pack" that I can use to carry a rag, a small container of OMS and medium cups, if needed.

Anything that I had to add to the original cigar box in order to convert it are seen in the above photo.

I wanted to show a photo of the front outside of the box but the "blogger program" will not allow me to insert that photo in this post. My apologizes for that. I will try a separate post for that when the program quits sulking !
Anyway, can't wait to try it out.

'till next..

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