Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Isle Of Man On The Rideau ..9" x 12" ..O/P

Unlike many of my previous paintings , this particular panel was not precovered with a reddish orange mixture before painting on it.
The colour of the base was a very light gray-blue colour that I had rubbed down after blow drying.(evaporating) This method has been mentioned in some of my earlier posts. In retrospect, considering all the different greens that were in the scene, it may have been more wise to consider the red-orange colour option.
As a result, it was a bit of a fight to apply the different colours of green and their many values. The red-orange (complementary) would have given a darker base in which to lay the following greens.
It was not long before I was piling on the paint..trying to separate the values, mostly to no avail.
There are many things that I like about the painting and I have decided to give it a chance.

'til next..

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