Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Freeman Road   ..9" x 12"   ..O/P

When the rush is on and you  feel the pressure of hurrying to get that last stroke , that last fleeting ray of light , the adrenalin is flowing, you are uninhibited , oblivious to all but the scene before you. Things are happening, it paints itself and you can do no wrong it seems. The colours are where you want them on the palette and mixing is intuitive. You are ' in the zone '! The act of painting is frenetic and as you near the finish you feel accomplished, drained. "That was work", and smile.

This happens as it did for me in this painting as I am sure it has happened for many of you.
 It isn't to say that a painting done in a short time ( twenty minutes) as this one was , is a good or even a bad painting.

 It was just, 'in the doing' !

'til next..


Papierflieger said...

Hi Frank,
I like this wild little piece in nice warm colours:).There is a lot of brush dynamic going on.

all the best

Frank A. said...

Martin..It has been a long time. I thought that I had lost you. :-) I hope that everyting is well with you and yours.
I really like your " Trees Blog", if I may call it that. The drawings are as beautiful as ever.
Thank you for your "observent" comment. I appreciate it and your time taken to post.

Do take care.. Frank