Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rock Face And Spring Flowers     ..10" x 12"    ..O/P

The many spring greens and their close values were really confusing, so I settled on a rock face that seemed to hold lots of promise for a small painting with fewer greens. After some time starring, I did notice wild flowers growning in the grass. That clinched it !
As I began to paint and to really observe the subject, (squinting) I began to appreciate the abstract shapes more and more that were in front of me. I am sure that seeing the abstract shapes in the subject made solving the composition that much simpler. Being more familiar with the composition now also made finding the colours of the subject and their values all the more easy to establish as well.

I used my usual limited palette of red, yellow and blue plus white and a odourless solvent for my beginning wash. I let that wash 'air dry' and began applying paint ( in a dry brush fashion) that was close to the values of the subject until I was satisfied that I had a good impression of the subject.

I am going to have to remember about that abstract thing when next painting.

'til next

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