Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Junkyard Daisies   ..16" x 20"   ..Oil / Canvas

I had painted this scene earlier this past winter (End Of The Road) when the snow was on the ground. After painting that winter scene it did occur to me to do a larger painting of the same theme.
This painting was to be a study for that particular larger painting.
Now that I have finished this piece, I am not sure that I want to do this painting for the third time.
I had planned for a 40" x 48".  Really !

Decision, decision !

Warning outdoor painters:  The Black Flies are out !!

..Thanks for lookin'


Bruce Sherman said...

Good one Loner!.... Black flies are doin' their wretched... miserable thing here in Hillsdale as well!

"Tamarack" time... eh Frank! That's the best thing... if you hate the flies!

Good painting... and Happy Trails!

Frank A. said...

Thanks Bruce..I have survived the bugs..so far.
I did a revision of this painting and I feel much better after seeng the alterations.
Sometimes s*** happens, for the beter.

Keep on trucking, Buds..