Tuesday, April 05, 2011

 Village Backstreet   10 x 12"    ..o/p

Observing the subject with both open eyes and squinting, I painted in, very loosely, a rough layout  of the subject with a wash of multicolours using odourless mineral spirits as my vehicle. Prior to painting I used a hair dryer to evaporate the odourless mineral spirits. With the thin layer of oil colour that was left, I was able to proceed with the painting of the subject matter by overlaying the final colours on to the wash.

In this particular painting, I worked in different areas of the painting in order to keep a balance of the darks, lights and their values. It also helped to keep a balance of colour harmony until the end of the painting. Gradually, the whole painting and their areas came to completion roughly at the same time.
All that was left to do was to play with the details and some final adjustments.

It was a fun method that left lots of room for the imagination to work.

'til next..


Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday Loner!... A real Gem Frank! First class Sydenham scene! The one last day... same area was enjoyable as well!Good to see you..."out there"!

Happy Trails!

Hotter than Hell... here in the Barbados... but doin' some waterclours... in the shade!

Frank A. said...

Bruce..Nothing like burrying the toes in the warm beach sand. (shade or not )Thanks for dropping in and commenting.
I'm still doing elder care, but only in "the county" now. I sold the Bell. house. It takes a lot of effort, as you well know. It eats into the painting time.
Glad to hear that you took the watercolours wth you.
"Hi to Deb"...

Do take care..Clippety-clop..

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