Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Pasture   ..10" x 12"    ..O/P

Hey, finally a sunny spring day !

The Masonite panel for this painting had been previously stained with the red - orange oil wash that I had become accustomed to using.
Once I had found the scene and layed my panel as 'flat' (on the ground) as possible, I proceeded to "squint" at the scene, in order to pick out the big shapes and determine their colour and value. I then, using a 'wash' of that oil colour, applied it loosely to the canvas. I continued to do this for all the remaining large shapes.
After the 'wash' had evaporated, (placed on the easel) I established the composition using burnt sienna and a small brush.
The oil colour from the wash could still be removed with a rag or paper towel if need be.
With this method, it did not take long to 'cover' the panel.
By this point it seemed that only the finishing needed to be strengthened and a few details added.

Perhaps in the future it may be worthwhile to try this method without first applying the orange-red stain.
With the addition of the "big shape colours" in the field, the red-orange does feel a bit redundant.

'til next..


Meowlissa said...

What a great piece :) I miss using Masonite and haven't been all that successful using oils myself.. Hopefully Spring will finally stay with us.

Frank A. said...

Meowlissa.. Thank you for the lovely compliment and for your comment.
Yes, it is nice to have the nicer spring days on a more regular bases.

" I miss using Masonite and haven't been all that successful using oils myself. "

It is nice to experiment with different supports from time to time..

Take care...