Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Ol' Ford   ..10" x 12"   ..o/p

Why would you ever want to paint something like that  ? That is not my thing !  Who would want that ?
I feel sure that more than one artist has heard that same comment in his/her painting lifetime. There are days when for whatever mood or feeling strikes you, you will want to paint what moves you. Perhaps it is just a feeling of  'breaking away' or exerting a 'strike for your artistic freedom'. .."Dang, it is my painting and I just felt like painting that old car !"

I covered the rough gesso textured panel with thin coloured washes as suggested by the local colours of the scene. These washes (OMS medium) were then evaporated using a hair dryer.
From there, I used a rag to wipe out areas of wet colour were I wanted to rough in the suggestion of the car in this instance, the sky and some lighter spots in the background. I then drew or suggested my composition with a small brush and paint.

My limited palette was one of warm and cool of each red ,yellow and blue. Again, I worked in different areas of the panel as to bring the painting to its' overall finish at roughly the same time.
I adjusted the values in some areas and had to darken others.

It is "sketchier" in many areas compared to some of my other pieces, ...and it felt good, it felt free !

'til next ..


Bill Sharp said...

I love it, Frank. I would (and have) paint such a scene. That's the beauty of having a day job, I don't care if it sells or not. Hell, I just spent a week doing paintings of my Weber BBQ.


Frank A. said...

Bill..Thanks !
It is interesting what one can learn if there no pressure to live up to some others expectations.

" Hell, I just spent a week doing paintings of my Weber BBQ. "

:-).. Love it ! Good idea and a plein air at that.

Now, to get that day job ! :-)

Hope all else is well with you and yours..


Jesus Estevez said...

yes Frank i agree with taking the freedom to paint some thing different just to feed the artistic spirit, and not just the material one. I like the painting, it give me the feeling of spring, that bit of pink sky, the old car brings me to the pass and your loose strokes are rejuvenated

√Črico Cordeiro said...

I'd like to invite you to visit ther blog Jazz + Bossa:

Frank A. said...

Jesus.. Nice to read that you agree with Bill and I about painting for ones self from time to time.
Thank you very much also for your thoughts, compliments and taking the time to post them.

Take care... Frank.

spottedwolf said...

I tend to think art is always a reflection of 'self' Frank....even when commissioned by another.

hmuxo said...

I love old cars, Frank and love this painting!!